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X-Men Apocalypse Wars Hardcover

USD $ 50.00

(W) Dennis Hopeless & Various (A) Various (CA) Paco Medina. As mutantkinds oldest enemy haunts the X-Men once again, three teams face war on multiple fronts, across different eras! The All-New X-Men are on a mission to write their own futures especially Evan Sabahnur, destined to one day become Apocalypse! Trapped in Ancient Egypt, is he willing to escape his fate by changing the course of history? A thousand years from now, the Extraordinary X-Men are Homo superiors last hope against Apocalypse but his newest Horseman is one of their own! And the Uncanny X-Men are drawn into the fray when Archangel once again assumes the guise of Death. Does this mean Apocalypse is rising again in the present or will Magnetos team face a new kind of Genocide? Collecting ALL-NEW X-MEN (2015) #9-11, EXTRAORDINARY X-MEN #8-12 and UNCANNY X-MEN (2016) #6-10. Rated T+.